Jasmine Morrison

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hi, I'm Jaz Morrison, and I am finishing my undergrad degree at Birmingham City University.

The 'Media & Communication' course has developed my media skills - more notably surrounding TV studio work and social media. This, as well as working with various organisations, has provided me with relevant film and events experience.

For my dissertation, I am looking at Black Women in contemporary British Television Comedy, and how what is generally considered to be funny is received by the audience being targeted. I intend to remain in academia, using history and technology to inform my work.

First and foremost, I am a screenwriter. I write both comedy and drama, and am on the lookout for exciting opportunities. I want to work on projects that tell subversive and farcical stories; stuff that doesn't take itself too seriously. See my CV for previous work.

I am also the founder of BRMTWN - an audio-visual platform and media group. We are dedicated to storytelling, whether it be related to the Arts or Academia. My previous experience in content creation, production management, and events planning has been vital, as BRMTWN creates content and hosts a plethora of events - panels and talks, screenings and exhibitions, and much more! Official Launch is coming soon, so keep an eye out.

You'll find some of BRMTWN's completed projects in the slideshow, or at the website on the right. To get in contact with us, reach out at BRMTWN@gmail.com.

To get in contact with me, see my social media or email JasmineMorrison@hotmail.co.uk.