Jaid Robinson

Jaid Robinson

Media & Communication


Personal statement

I am a hardworking, ambitious, confident and assertive young women who is focused on pursuing a career in the media industry as a Broadcast Journalist. I am currently seeking opportunities which will help me to develop as a Journalist, by providing me with real experience, guiding me through the creative process of writing great news stories and moulding me into the young professional I strive to be.

Throughout my degree in Media and Communication, I took advantage of the range of choice we were given each semester to explore different avenues of the media industry. I have undertaken taken modules such as Journalism, Events and TV studio as well as numerous research modules, which collectively have led me to want to pursue a career in which I am able to write my own content and express creativity as well as be onscreen and present to the public in a way that keeps them engaged. Additionally, I have developed numerous skills which I believe make me a promising writer and teachable colleague, for example a great ability to work in a team, researching skills, an ability to respond efficiently to deadlines and present my creative ideas effectively.

My profile contains my CV as well as my business fitness Instagram account which requires me to edit content weekly using iMovie and engage with numerous tools for boosting social media following. I plan to start my own blog upon finishing university which is hugely motivated by the want to have a current portfolio of work which expresses my desire to be a Journalist. My blog will take the form of Opinion journalism as I will speak on factual events and current discourses which I have a strong opinion on and feel that I can bring attention to.