Jai Diaval Howlett

Jai Diaval Howlett

Media & Communication


Personal statement

Born in Birmingham but raised in Worcestershire before moving back to Birmingham to start secondary school and subsequently attend college and now university, to say I have an honorary degree from the University of Life would be an understatement.

While I didn't take the direct route of education through attending university straight away after college, I did not rest on my laurels in those years in between either. In fact, having that time away from academics helped me to discover what it is I want to pursue as a career path which is turning my blogging into a steady income.

Despite beginning my university life in the field of psychology, I continuously find new examples of how the transition from the more statistical area of academics to the more creative area with the media to have been the right decision.

Through my academic experience, I have learned new skills and qualities concerning the media that can only help me strengthen my resolve is the right fit for me both professionally and personally. I love the feeling of being able to lose myself in a good review or story, I want to be able to instil that feeling in others through my work.

Since starting the BA Media and Communications course, I have had a constant vision about what my endgame career ambition is. I see myself in a high-rise building in a metropolitan area as the hub of my thriving media empire. I even know the suit I will be wearing.

I have never had career ambition like this before, not only do I feel the media is both the present day and future linchpin of the overall employment market, but I also feel there is something so accessible, gratifying and comforting about the various different media texts out there, whether they be film, television, news articles, songs, blogs, YouTube videos or even memes.

Creators of any media text have a power to inspire change in an individual's thoughts, perceptions and emotions and if I can do that with just one article of mine then I feel I will have made a difference for somebody.

I am currently a big fish in a small pond when it comes to my work. Tumblr can only take me so far I am aware, but my time at university has given me the drive I needed to dive into new waters and explore what is out there beyond my closed quarters. I have the destination already set, but now is about the journey.