Jade Loftus

Media & Communication


Personal statement

I am a final year Media and Communications student - soon to be graduate. Over the past 2 years of my degree, I have specialised in PR and have undertaken Visual Communications Modules. Within my studies, I have developed professional and personal experience, whereby I can pride myself on having interpersonal skills.

I am considered to be a highly motivated, happy-go-lucky individual, also having a creative flair. From playing the guitar from the age of 11, I have treasured this hobby throughout my life and believe it has granted me further skills such as patience, practice and commitment. All in which I believe will assist me in life and pursuing/securing a career.

With having a life-long passion for music and events, I have been working part-time as an Events Steward at Arena Birmingham. Whilst this was to aid me financially alongside my degree, it has also been an enjoyable place of work to ensure that I assist the public and help to keep them safe during live events. This is to ensure that they have the best possible experience, that I myself would hope for if I was a paying customer.

As University is coming to an end, I will be looking to secure a full-time position within an industry befitting of my strengths which include Communications, Events and PR. As an enthusiastic individual with a keen work ethic, I look to utilise my excellent communication skills to thrive within the aforementioned industries. I will remain open-minded about the foreseeable future, as I am ready to take on my next challenge.

To discover more about me and my work, please follow the link to view my online profile | https://loftusjade9.wixsite.com/mysite-4