India Feeney

Media & Communication


Personal statement

I am a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual, with a firm interest in PR, specifically within the fashion industry.

Previous professional experience includes working for internationally recognised corporations like Coca Cola, Rimmel London as well as local businesses to my current job as a PR assistant at luxury fashion brand Holland Cooper. I have learned how to create engaging content, observed and assisted on a range of production shoots developing my knowledge on how to carry out successful campaign shoots.

Through various PR undertakings, I have been able to develop a breadth of skills and the communication skills needed to work in a PR department. These include writing press releases, networking with the press, producing press books and using various databases to source media contacts. One of my key responsibilities is blogger outreach. This involves sourcing, engaging and negotiating with popular Influencers, meaning that I have to rely heavily on my communication skills, and I have developed the confidence to undertake this role.

I also have a keen interest in photography, which I have explored both as a hobby and through my degree and my inquisitiveness to learn and develop my eye for aesthetics means that I have been successful in running multiple photoshoots in the fashion genre, both commercial and editorial for my personal portfolio and for industry clients.

Fusing my passion for photography and interest in PR, I have produced a new fashion brand, as part of my final project at university. The brand aims to disassociate itself from its competitors by adopting a new style of photography, created by a different approach to styling and design. This creates a final product that is affordable yet classy, minimal and aesthetic in its appearance. This experience has allowed me to apply PR theory and awareness with my love of fashion, photography and styling. See the link to view the look book.

Examples of my work and employer testimonials can be found in the slideshow and the link below.
For further information on my skills and experience please see my CV attached to this page.