Imani Robinson

Imani Robinson

Media Production


Personal statement

Hello, my name is Imani.

Currently, I am in my final year at BCU doing a BA Media Productions degree. In taking on this course, it has driven me even more to pursue the career of presenting.

I have grown into the media industry and have experienced what it takes to be a presenter, primarily a radio and television presenter, as I have personally took on this role and have achieved a greater understanding of this profession.

My main objective is to get into the television industry and become a presenter for television shows and groundbreaking awards. Hopefully, through acknowledgement and the connections of others, I will be able to build myself to a point where I can have my own television show.

With the use of social media, I am using Instagram, my personal website and my upcoming Youtube channel to break myself into this field. From visiting these online platforms you will get to understand my nature and see why presenting is destined to cross paths with I, Imani Robinson.

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