Hope Darby-Williams

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Third year Birmingham City University student, studying Media and Communications on the broad course. My main skills are graphic design and photography, both of which have been passions of mine for many years.

I studied photography at Birmingham Metropolitan College for 3 years, which gave me the opportunity to explore a wide range of styles and genres. The course also enabled me to become very comfortable with using cameras, both DSLR and 35mm film. I am also capable of processing black and white film and printing my own photographs in the darkroom, using traditional techniques. I enjoy travel and street photography, as travelling is one of my hobbies. However, I also enjoy other genres of photography and like to push myself creatively.

I was introduced to graphic design whilst at college. However, it wasn’t until I took the visual design modules at University that this developed into a major interest. The project briefs have allowed me to develop my style and incorporate my photographs in to my work.

My computer based skills include knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and basic Adobe Illustrator skills. I am always eager to acquire new skills and techniques for these softwares.

My career goal is to work in a creative position which will allow me to combine my passion for both photography and graphic design. I am now seeking opportunities that will allow me to develop my skills further and work with other people in these industries.