Heitienne Castelo Branco Ribeiro Guimaraes

Media & Communication

Personal statement

My time at university has allowed me to work on a multitude of projects from pre to post media production as well as media roles within media management. Working alongside other students has led to me having an open mind towards group projects, problem solving and having to work well under pressure. This combined with paid and unpaid work provided me with the experience necessary to become a well-rounded versatile media professional. However, it is my personal fascination with the rise of new technologies which lead me to pursue the pathway of New Media Specialist which helped me specifically excel in visual design and pursue different work opportunities within the professional field of graphic design.

My passion for graphic design and skills in HTML web design led me to create logos and other promotional content for different start up brands. However, alongside media and communications, I also invest time into the leadership role of Birmingham City Universities’ president of Basketball, this responsibility has made me a representative of the society which has helped me improve on transferable skills such as confidence and people skills. With fashion being one of my personal interests I also collaborated with likeminded professionals and will soon feature as a designer for a fashion brand.

The contacts and skills I have developed over my time at university have allowed me to begin to build a career as a media professional, these skills will most definitely be imperative towards my growth as I continue to enhance my career and professional profile.

To view examples of my work, visit my website and download my CV.

Contact: Heitienne@outlook.com