Heidi Vanstone

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hey, I'm Heidi.

Media has always been a passion of mine and I have been studying the industry for seven years. Throughout that time, I have developed on my skills as a media professional through work experience in different areas such as Journalism, Web Design, Television and Social Media. My work has been published on YouTube and in local newspapers, which I am extremely proud of. My favourite sector of the media is the Television Industry. I love how creative it allows you to be and this has inspired me to aim to work in this industry in the future. My skills thrive in the gallery of TV studios, particularly as Director/ Vision Mixer. I also pride myself as being a good editor as my eye for detail is very strong. I have assisted in the creation of TV shows such as Designer Wars (https://bit.ly/2FdHm2a) and the pilot of Just Swipe Right (https://bit.ly/2JiQ98z)

I am currently working on the final project of my degree - a female empowerment TV chat show called "Tea 'n' Talk". The development of our project can be found on Instagram and Facebook (@teantalktv).