Hassan Ul-Haq

Media & Communication

Personal statement

“Creativity is a wild mind.”- Dorothy Parker

Hi my name is Hassan Ul-Haq. I am a media professional with a passion for radio and podcasting. I believe as a creative, creativity should allow oneself to expand and take their respected skillsets to tell stories and get their ideas out there.

Throughout my time at university, I studied a variety of radio modules, whilst also studying other modules that allowed me to expand my creative mindset and potentials to incorporate them into my future creative endeavours.

My experiences at local radio stations such as ‘Brum Radio’ and ‘Hillz FM’ have given me the tools and experiences of how a studio operates amongst other skillsets that I have picked up, such as fact checking, editing shows, looking after guests to name a few.

My plan after university is to take my skillsets into the radio and podcast industry as an assistant producer, whilst incorporating my other skillsets such as photography and videography into my work – as showcased in my final project, which is a fictional podcast that touches upon the subject of mental health and incorporates visual elements such as behind the scenes in the studio featuring the actors and social media post that also tell the story through a visual mean.

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