Hafsa Said

Hafsa Said



Personal statement

My name is Hafsa Said and I am a third year English and Journalism student at Birmingham City University.

I have accumilated experience in radio journalism, online journalism and teaching throughout my three years of my English and journalism degree.

As I entered university my initial career choice was to enter the journalism industry and i strived to work in that field for a while.Upon careful consideraton I realised my true calling was teaching. I came to this conclusion through my primary teaching experience at the literacy tutoring scheme as I had been working at a school for two academic years.

My primary goal is to break into the teaching field through futher study, I will be studying for the PGCE in the next academic year. This includes theory based teaching and a large amount of placement work. At the end of the PGCE i will be fully equipped to teach hopefully landing me a teaching role.

I am a charismatic and passionate person who is motivated by setbacks allowing me to strive for my goals as i accomplish and achieve. Aside from a academic work I have been volunterring at a foodbank for five months allowing me to engage with people from different backgrounds who are in need. This experience has taught me patience and perserverance but has also shown me that kindness goes along away.

My CV is available to download :)

My contact details are :
Phone : 07728748120
Email : Hafsa948@gmail.com