Hadyn Asheligh Evans

Media & Communication

Personal statement

With a confident, hardworking and decisive attitude to work, I have acquired previous experience working in photography and visual design, both of which have successfully allowed me to develop both my creative and practical skills. During my time at university, I have worked on a number of projects and gained experience in a number of fields including portraiture, fashion and street style photography. Alongside this, my graphic design work has featured working on re-branding, logos, banners and posters across a variety of clients and briefs.

My previous work experience with photography and design, both paid and unpaid, has allowed me to focus my efforts and work within an area that I love and thrive within. Working alongside other students at university such as fashion designers and models, I have collaborated on various projects which have taught me the values of working within a team and following the constraints of leadership, teamwork and cooperation. This is supported by my time as a level up mentor in which I supported on various roles within the university such as open days and alumni events. As a media professional, I understand the value of every role and am always looking for opportunities to learn and enhance of my existing media skills. I am a strong believer in pushing my barriers beyond my comfort zone and believe in the importance in opening myself up to new opportunities.

For my final year project, I have continued to carry over the convergence of skills in which I have developed in my previous experience and set up a freelance fashion design company called SADFUTURE. With this, I have combined my knowledge of enterprise, fashion, design and photography in order to create a self-published brand.

I hope to continue to use the contacts and skills developed at university and beyond to fuel the next steps in my career as I enter into the media industry and continue to enhance my media professional profile.

I have a full U.K clean driving license of 3+ years.

Email: Hadyn.18@hotmail.co.uk
Phone: 07551951788
Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hadyn301/
Latest project (Clothing Brand): https://www.instagram.com/sad.future/