Greta Andrejevaite

Greta Andrejevaite

Media & Communication


Personal statement

I am a Final Year Media and Communications student at Birmingham City University.
By having a massive interest in photography and videography I have gained a lot of experience in photographing events, filming and editing promotional videos for different clients.
Media has always been an interest of mine especially since I started studying it for GCSE'S. Being able to be creative and express myself while also engaging with interesting clients and always learning something new is very important to me.
University has allowed me to understand the media industry better and gave me the opportunity to explore different sectors of the industry, which has made me very interested in marketing and social media.
I partake in a lot of different types of photography as I enjoy landscape photography the most I still have the opportunities to photograph models and different events, as I like to gain as much experience as possible and broaden my skill range.