Grace Thomas

Media & Communication

Personal statement

My name is Grace and I am a visual creative with a particular affinity to the worlds of PR and photography. At the beginning of my university journey I had never picked up a DSLR camera nor knew how public relations infiltrates content we see every day. Now I have developed my passion for these topics and I am proud of my work thus far. I can't wait to get out into the world of media and develop myself as a professional further.

Previous clients include Dirty French Girl, Gosia Weber Handmade and the Belgrade Theatre.

Take a look at my socials to see more work! My LinkedIn profile has examples of previous PR work and my Instagram is my professional photography page.


'Resourceful, intelligent and creative, Grace is an excellent problem-solver, able to read situations, act on her own initiative and get things done independently without being asked, yet is also very much a team player. She is personable, polite, considerate and we all enjoyed her company as much as we appreciated her work.'- Belgrade Theatre