Grace Morrison

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Humanist, Feminist, Optimist. Lover of East-Asian food, philosophy, singing, and anything produced by Tina Fey.

Hi, I'm Grace. Born on the South coast and raised by the North Sea, I now reside in the Midlands. With one foot in the working world and one foot still in academia, this online portfolio is a way to show what I've achieved throughout my degree and the projects I'm looking forward to developing in the future.

I like to produce audio content and have experience producing radio for Birmingham-based station, Fade Radio. The online, pop-up station ran 24/7 for two weeks, and I produced daily day-time shows for a host of presenters. I had the pleasure of presenting with photographer and all round talented, lovely human, Victoria Beni, to co-host the breakfast and morning shows. You can hear a bit of our show here.

For my final year project, I wanted to combine my skills as a producer with my interest of languages so I created The Tongue Tied Language Podcast. Tongue Tied is a podcast designed to help language learners with their listening skills through the use of stories about life and culture. This has been my biggest project to date and I’m very proud of it so make sure to take a peek. Don’t care about languages? Check it out anyway to see what you’re missing out on! A link to the website and podcast will be available here very soon.

My dissertation is about 'how notions of Individualism are explored by users of Instagram'. As a person who consistently forgets to immortalise memories through photos, studying behaviours on Instagram and what it informs us about modern mentalities in Western society has been very personally gratifying. If this sounds like something you're interested in or if you want to experience the full extent of my cynicism, it will be available to read here soon.

For further information on my skills and experience, please view my CV.

The Future
I will be packing up and moving to Spain in the Autumn to teach English and see what life has in store for me outside of the UK. But fear not, I will be continuing to work on personal projects, such as Tounge Tied, and want to collaborate with people on many different things. Want to get in contact? Email me: