Gillian Tanaka

Gillian Tanaka

Media & Communication


Personal statement

Hello my name is Gillian Tanaka Kachembere, I am a 20 year old Media and Communication student at Birmingham City University. This year I graduate and hope to achieve my dreams and goals.

I chose to study media and communication because growing I was always found a passion and interest within the media industry due to the excitement of creating something which can entertain and educate all ages. I am astonished at how productions devise elements for broadcasting and was captivated by the mysteries of the media and its impact upon us; it entertains us, yet can also deceive us and expose hidden truths.

At Birmingham City University I have leaned more towards television and events. The knowledge and experience I have gained has open my eyes to see what I can do and understand just how the media industry is important. I have gained new skills, enhanced skills, contributing tremendously towards my transferable skills such as: being innovative, problem solving, written and verbal communication. Multi-tasking, researching, working under pressure are also important skills that I have built on.

After exploring a wide range of options within the media industry I have found myself with an ambition to build a career within the Marketing industry, which is my goal after graduation. 

Please feel free to look at my website that will show you the work I have done.

Kind Regards

Gillian. T. Kachembere