Geraldo Topanou

Geraldo Topanou

Media & Communication


Personal statement

A third year BA Media and Communications student. Hard working and highly motivated individual who strives on achieving the best in anything they set their mind to. Seeking to gain further experience or opportunities within the Music Journalism sector of the media industry.

Throughout my three years I have grown to understand that the media industry consists of multiple job roles. Completing a wide range of modules has allowed me to touch on many aspects of the industry. I now feel as though my course has allowed me to narrow down my potential fields of career interest. Thus I feel is work as either a sport or music journalist or a career path in the music industry from jobs like recording and editing music videos. Following on from the skills I have gained over the past three years I hope to further develop these though internships or graduate jobs.

I currently run my own record label, which is evident within this portfolio and one of my objectives is to continue making my record label into a worldwide stand out brand. I aim to do this by gaining further work experience through different programmes, voluntary work and internships in the media industry. This will allow me to use the skills gained to further develop my label.
Music journalism has been a passion of mine for many years now, editing and recording music videos is a skill I have gained since managing MBK (a client/group, Denzel Odeyale, first met at university). Above is the latest work I have completed for MBK, directing and editing the video through using "scenechronize"software. This has helped me gage an understanding of the work I hope to do in the future.

My portfolio shows a range of work I have completed throughout my three years, including blogs, my website, videos I have filmed and edited, artists I manage, social media sites and many more aspects of my creative work (see attached the links under the social tab).