Georgina Bayliss

Georgina Bayliss

Media & Communication


Personal statement

"Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world" - Brené Brown

Hi, hello!
My name is Georgina Bayliss & I am currently undergoing my third and final year at Birmingham City University, studying Media and communications.I have always had a strong passion of how people react and consume the Media via communication. With this being said, I chose the broad course of Media & Communications so I can focus on different areas.

Radio, content writing & photography stood out to me as my speciality of Media . However, in the third year being a broad course student I chose the PR module 'Communication management' and absolutely loved it and received a first for my assignment, producing a Communications plan for M&S food. I believe I can fuse my passion of photography and other skills into a Public Relations career.
I am also currently undergoing a 6 month course in Digital Marketing covering 3 modules. This is a government co-funded Apprenticeship endorsed by the West Midlands Combined Authority, which gains an option for employed reskillers, employed upskillers and also for new recruits.

On the contrary, my experience of radio has been the most effective throughout my time, I did 1 year work experience as a Radio presenter for a Birmingham station called Atlas media, broadcasting in Hereford and Worcestershire. I produced and presented my own shows - on my own or with co-hosts in which I have interviewed a few musical artists.
I gained lot of skills such as excellent communication and presentation, research and interviewing skills and the ability to generate original ideas. I also took part in the Worcester beer and cider festival where I presented and commentated the bands that were playing throughout the day, the schedule and entertaining the crowd.

- I also gained a lot of photography experience by attending events such as an All bar one beauty event, BCU Peaky Blinders event aswell as Freelance photography where I have captured people's clothing, portraits, landscapes. I have produced a social media page of all my work & contact info.

Please check out the links to all my other websites so you can see my work.