Frances Ward

Media Production

Personal statement

I am currently a 3rd year student studying English and Media at Birmingham City University. I have always been interested in the Media Industry and how it works, so by doing this course it has allowed for me to see the 'behind the scenes' to how a media product is produced, marketed and distributed. I have a passion to one day be a producer of such Media Products, a hobby that I want to work towards a professional level is my love of Photography, I am always taking photos. Over the years of doing Media courses I have been able to apply my knowledge to my work and also my love for media such as music and film, through applying it to my work has given me an eye opening experience of what the industry entails. When I finish University I hope to go in to a job in the Media Industry, such as marketing, in hopes that I can one day work my way to the top and apply my knowledge of everything I have learnt over my 3 years at BCU.

To get in contact with me email on my University Email or my personal email