evelyn fasulu

evelyn fasulu

Media & Communication


Personal statement

Hi, my name is Evelyn Fasulu. I am a third-year, Media and Communications BA (Hons) student, studying at Birmingham City University. I specialise in New Media, where its main focus is Web design and Visual communications. Over the years I to gain and develop my knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Although I have a specialism, I was able to broaden my interests in other aspects of media.

I dabble in writing, photography and television production. With TV production I worked on projects such as a game show, a documentary and a talk show. I found it fun working in a team of creatives also determined to work hard and produce the best outcome.

I developed skills in Adobe Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Photoshop and InDesign. During my studies, I acquired such broad skills, which allows me to currently see myself as a content producer. However, I aspire to further my knowledge of coding languages, establish a career as a software engineer. This is brought about by the multiple projects I worked on in and out of my web design module.

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