Esmee Purvis

Esmee Purvis

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Personal statement

My name is Esmee and I'm currently in my last year at Birmingham City University studying Media and Communications (Events and Exhibitions), due to graduate in July 2020. My time at university has been fun and motivational and has further allowed me to explore the broad spectrum of the media world. I have managed to touch on subjects such as Television and PR, with my main focus being Events Exhibitions. Within these modules I have produced a short video/interview (video unavailable), promotional videos, social media campaigns, organised 2 events (at university) and taken part in 3 television shows (both magazine and quiz shows).

Although I have extremely enjoyed learning about the Events world, and having the opportunities to organise and create my own events, I have realised a growing love for PR, Social Media Marketing and Content creation. This stemmed from re-organising and developing a new social media page, as well as a small campaign, for a non-profit CIC. I am quite a visual person meaning I have a key eye for graphic content.

I have a passion for travelling and learning about different cultures. A few years ago I volunteered at GK Enchanted Farm in the Philippines where I learnt about their society and how important their work is, as well as teaching English and Maths at a local school. In the future I aim to help them with spreading their message around the world, utilising my Social Media and PR skills, eventually helping other unknown organisations.

Recently I, along with a friend, developed a campaign called The SOS Project, for our final year project. It campaigns for better drug eduction for students as well as harm reduction services. This campaign involved recording a podcast series, called The SOS Podcast, to spread awareness; as well as finishing the campaign with an event where all proceeds would go towards a drug education and harm reduction charity. Want it check it out?

Podcast Episodes:
Instagram: @s.o.s_prod
Twitter: @SOS_Prod19

Please check out the slideshow for content I've created, and past events I have organised! Want to get in touch, or need help with organising anything Social Media or PR related?


Interested in looking at other things I have done? Click the links below to watch shows I have been apart of/promotional videos which I have produced:

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