Esme Wilson

Esme Wilson

PR & Media


Personal statement

I am a creative and enthusiastic Public Relations specialist, currently studying BA Hons Media and Communication (Public Relations) at Birmingham City University and I am due to graduate in July 2020.

During my time at university I have been able to explore several areas of the media such as Public Relations, Social Media, TV and Journalism. This has included completing campaign plans, pitching communication strategies and creating social media platforms and included operating a camera for a live magazine show. I have enjoyed exploring skills and knowledge throughout these areas that has increased my passion for creativity in the media and PR sectors.

To reinforce the skills I have gained at university I have completed several work experience placements. On these placements I have been able to apply my knowledge to tasks and responsibilities at PR agencies and consultancies in Birmingham, Manchester and Madrid.

I am currently completing my final year major project and searching for an entry-level job after graduation. In July I am due to complete a two-week placement with PR agency 'Jam_' in Manchester.

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