Emily Gladwin

Media & Communication

Personal statement

By studying media for the past 5 years I have grown my skills and knowledge whilst having plenty of experience within this industry, I have mainly focused on Video Editing and Graphic Design.

During my 3 years at university, I have found my passion for Graphic Design and Video Editing which I have continued to build my skills on and define my own design and editing style. Throughout this course, I have designed and branded 2 magazine projects, as well as producing, filming and editing a documentary and editing other documentaries and dramas. Towards the end of university, I have been focusing on developing my skills and knowledge with User Experience Design and am currently looking for work within this sector as well as Graphic Design.

Outside of university I have had the opportunity to complete work placement with BBC Doctors and have continuously worked for a local school as their videographer for the past three years; I have also completed jobs for a local website design company over the past 2 years.

My online portfolio includes all of my work from over the past 5 years which I am continuously growing and adding to, please visit my website!


Feel free to look at my CV to learn more about me and to contact me if you have any questions or queries:

Email: emilygladwinn@gmail.com
Mobile Number: 07532433738