Media & Communication


Personal statement

My name is Emilia Antoniadou and I am a 3rd year student of Media and Communication.

I am an experienced researcher and writer, having worked with media organizations, magazines and cinemas of Birmingham. ( BURN FM, Scratch Media, Grapevine Birmingham Magazine, The Mockingbird Cinema).

Being active since 2016, today I continue writing features on Grapevine Birmingham Magazine about Music, Festivals, Films and Theater Plays.

I have also studied Photography within my course, experimenting mainly with Architecture, Food and Fashion Photography.

Theater is also one of my major passions.
As soon as I began my studies at the age of 18, I joined a drama society (WatchThis) and directed my first play as part of a drama festival hosted by University of Birmingham.

In summer 2019, I worked in two different plays as an assistant director at a local theater (Theatro Ena) back in my hometown Nicosia, Cyprus, and have collaborated with two of the most respected stage directors of her country.