Ellenia Panayiotou

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hi, I’m Ellenia, a final year Media and Communication broad course student at Birmingham City University (BCU). During my time at BCU, I have learnt about the media industry, specifically Public Relations, Photography, Marketing, TV and Events and Exhibitions. Throughout my course, I undertook work experience placements at Red Essential, London Greek Radio, DEPOP and Matches Fashion.com. During these placements, I was able to see how the knowledge and skills I gained and developed throughout my course at BCU are applicable in working life. 

After careful consideration and evaluation, I have come to the conclusion that I enjoy Marketing and PR the most out of all the elements of the industry I have studied. I believe this is because I am also able to employ my skills in Photography and Videography within those fields. It’s for this reason that I feel my final year production project, a PR consultancy specialising in streetwear fashion  (Influx PR), is well rounded as it reflects and combines several elements of all the modules I have studied. Influx PR offers its clients several services including but not limited to social media management, content creation for advertisements and all aspects of their online presence as well as campaign planning. 

My experiences at BCU and during my work placements have allowed me to develop my knowledge and skills in a practical way. I am a very motivated individual and I work well both in a team and independently; examples of this can be found within my Portfolio tabs on my personal website. My Photography work is a mixture of shots taken on a DSLR camera, depicting projects undertaken during my education at both Sixth Form and BCU, and an iPhone camera, which I used to capture images and scenes that inspired me. I hope you enjoy these pieces of work as well as the rest of my website. For any queries, I can be contacted via email at ellepanayiotou@gmail.com or via mobile on 07888874887.