Ella Roach

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hey, my name is Ella Roach and have a great passion for radio presenting and have a talent for showcasing my personality and creating entertainment. I have been a volunteer radio presenter at Radio Plus Coventry on the Urban Cafe show for twos and have gained experience such as time management, producing and presenting live. To add, I have been a part of a student radio station (FADE Radio) and achieved roles such as specialist producer and a day time radio presenter and this consisted of hard work and being organised with my time. Through my hard work and dedication to Fade Radio, I got given an opportunity to co-host at BBC WM for a three-hour show with Nicki Tapper. The experience at BBC WM has widened my experience and demonstrated the confidence I have in presenting. I hope you enjoy my page and the work I have achieved.

For my current final project, I am combining my radio skills and event management skills to create a live radio event. Check out my page to see the work I have achieved so far.

Personal email - Ella.louise.roach@hotmail.co.uk

Urban Cafe email - urban cafe_radiopluscov@outlook.com