Dominic Quigley

Dominic Quigley

Media & Communication


Personal statement

About me-
I am a motivated and hard working individual who has a drive and passion for media. I have gained numerous valuable skills from my time at Birmingham City University, where I have been developing my skills in the Television industry. Working on a variety of shows during my time whilst learning what it means to be working on a set. During my time I have also grown a passion for working on the sound aspect of working on a show. Not many people go into the industry with a passion to learn about the sound and audio aspect of Television but working closely for 2 years in this area it is something that I have overall found extremely enjoyable and has been something I have been dedicated on improving my skills towards. I have worked on two shows during my time which you can view in my work section and although they aren't perfect I think that as they were very early on in my career they are something which I was proud to be apart of and have helped develop my skills to what they are now. The YouTube video I have linked above is my 2nd year project which I felt was one of the best I have created at university whilst being extremely challenging at times pushed me and my team to create a successful TV gameshow.

Personal Interests-
I love using the web, whether it be keeping up with latest YouTube content, sharing memes with friends or scrolling through tweets about my favourite sports teams I am always around on some form of social media.
I am always keeping up with stocks and trading cryptocurrency and although I am only starting out in this field it is something which I find incredibly fascinating and something i believe will continually grow.
I really enjoy taking pictures of nature and buildings and find it really satisfying
Television is without question a massive passion of mine and i love watching and finding new shows on platforms like Netflix, my major piece of work is based around examining TV show Thirteen Reasons Why and have loved analysing shows for a number of years, it is something I have also done in a lot of my work at university.

Attached in the slideshow are some of my pieces of work over the past few years during my time in university, each piece has contributed into my development of assignments over time and I have ordered them in order of completion. I believe the more I practised them the better I got each time, and they have all contributed to my final big piece of work for the last year of university, also attached are some parts of my big assignment I completed in third year, I can notice how my confidence in the writing style improved each year and is something I am proud of.
As previously mentioned I worked on two television studio shows during my time one you can view on the main page and my other one:

Contact Number- 07505568005