Destiny Bradnick


Personal statement

Hello, and welcome to my profile, my name is Destiny and I'm currently in my third year due to graduate in July 2019. I am creative, determined and a passionate individual aiming to pursue a career within the field of journalism.

During my time at University, I have attained an array of skills that have allowed me to create and produce my own content including print and videography. I have also developed my skills in team building in the first and second year to create TV shows and news broadcasts.

I have gained work experience in journalism, social media and marketing, including Desiblitz, ITV, BirminghamEastside, Anitox and Whisper PR. All of which has given me skills and helped me develop as a journalist, preparing myself for full-time work after graduating.

I am also passionate about photography, having started university with no experience as a photographer or no idea of how to use a DSLR camera, I have gained so much knowledge and now use my Canon 750D confidently for both photography and videography. My editing skills have also progressed, I created both a print and video lookbook for my third-year visual design and was happy with the results despite having no experience in video editing prior to the module.

After building up a good contact book following my work experience whilst studying at university I have connections with companies ranging from local PR companies to content editor at ITV Birmingham, all of which have given me guidance of how to find the right job for me and also what that job entails. I am confident that the skills I have attained both at university and work experience will undoubtedly help me pursue a career within journalism. I will start by searching online at job adverts specifically tailored to graduate journalists and over the three years of studying I have built an array of content for my portfolio to show to a potential employer.

For my final year project I have created a beauty and lifestyle blog aimed at beauty fanatics, with all of the latest tips and makeup hacks, as well as reviews of makeup products. The blog is called Destiny, I decided to name it after myself to give it a personal touch so that viewers could see my content as authentic and honest. I also wanted to replicate industry standard and most blogs are named after the blogger. At first, my blog included an array of content including fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel. So I decided to make the content more beauty-focused with lifestyle as a second category so that I could publish any non-beauty related content there.