Denzel Odeyale

Denzel Odeyale

Media & Communication


Personal statement


I am a final year student studying Media & Communications at Birmingham City University. Outside of my University duties, I'm also a member of a music group, MBK (formerly known as 582). MBK are a talented group of three, who create a wide mixture of sounds such as Dance hall, R&B, Afro Swing and Hip Hop. We thrive in showcasing versatility, excelling in different genres. Furthermore what makes MBK special is the fact that as individuals they all have different personalities & influences which then displays itself in the music.
My time at University has helped me in my career path outside of University, by educating me on topics such as marketing and promotion. I was privileged to be connected with the the right people at university as many of my fellow students possessed skills that I was able to use for my advantage. The most significant was my class mate Geraldo Topanu, who was a cameraman and filmed the majority of my music videos.
I've also decided to work on creating album cover art % lyric/animation videos, for other artists and musicians promoting my services on social media platforms, which has created a bonus income.