Dejeana Williams

Dejeana Williams

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Personal statement

My name is Dejeana Williams. I am a young media professional with over four years of Journalism experience. Originally from The Turks and Caicos Islands, a small archipelago in The Caribbean located South East of The Bahamas.

My interest in Journalism began ten years ago in my second year of secondary school. However, my passion was only ignited in my fourth year, at the age of sixteen, after watching an episode of the E-News broadcast. I developed a fondness for the broadcast and would imagine myself as one of the news presenters. It was then that I decided, and would tell my family, that one day I would be an E-News presenter. At first, I began writing fiction stories, which led to a fervor and curiosity for the truth. I firmly believe everyone has a story to tell and I desired to empower them to be able to tell it.

After discovering that Journalism was the career path I wanted to take, I completed an internship with the local news broadcasting station, while still in secondary school. Through training, education, and experience I later became a Trainee News Reporter within the organization.

At the age of nineteen, I left my family and friends and moved to The United Kingdom to pursue a Bachelors's degree in Media and Communication, specializing in Journalism. While in the U.K, I completed various local and international internships. I was privileged to travel to Cape Town, South Africa where I volunteered as a Journalist and also attended The International Journalism Festival held in Perugia, Italy.

The knowledge and experience that I have been fortunate to gain, both academically and culturally, have contributed to me becoming a well-rounded Journalist. I am confident that if I experience more I can tell more because it would allow me to have a more creative and diverse form of storytelling.

It is my dream to one day represent the Turks and Caicos Islands on an international scale. I would like to work for a Top Twenty Market ranked company located in the United States of America producing hyperlocal, global and entertainment news.

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