Danny Rijsenbrij

Media & Communication

Personal statement

I'm currently a final year University student focusing on photography, mainly fashion based. I have been doing photography since before college and want to continue doing this once graduated. I plan to further my skills and experience and turn 'RijsenbrijPhotography' into something bigger and better.

I have worked with upcoming artists Lady Onyx and Elena Mylonas as well as multiple professional models, MUA's and fashion designers such as Kirie-lea Cussen.

Alongside this; I also studied film for a long time which gave me a lot of experience in videography, producing, directing and scriptwriting. I have created a few short films and wrote a collection of scripts for university and as a hobby.

I have linked my actual online portfolio under the social section, however, if it doesn't work correctly you can follow this link; https://rijsenbrij.wixsite.com/rijsenbrijphotos/