Dannii Shorthouse

Dannii Shorthouse

Media & Communication


Personal statement

Hi, I'm Dannii. I am currently a third year student, set to finish my bachelor of arts in Media and Communication this summer.

I have dabbled in many areas of media, from filmmaking to working in PR.
Before coming to Birmingham in 2017, in 2014 I started working part time for Reeves Public Relations. The work included being part of a film crew working with Dunlop Tyres at major Moto GP Events, the FIA World Endurance Championships, and the 2016 Le Mans Series tour at Silverstone - filming interviews with the riders and drivers. Along side this, I was the Social Media Co-ordinator for Reeves clients Foilgenie and Bacofoil; I edited salon tutorial videos for Foilgenie, helped organise a student cooking competition for Bacofoil, collated website metrics and other data, and did promotional photography for Restaurant Opus. In 2015 I worked as Content Migration and SEO Assistant for the Centaur Media Digital and Social Media Teams - on their magazine linked websites ‘Home Building & Renovating’, ‘Real Homes’, and ‘Period Living’. Particular attention was paid to website metrics like Unique Users and Page Views as this linked directly to advertising revenue.

Whilst the above is great, and has given me some fantastic skills and experience that I will treasure forever, it never really set my soul on fire and I wasn't truly happy. I felt like I was doing 'okay' but I wasn't reaching my full potential.

I want to do something that I am truly passionate about. I want to find the right thing to dedicate my life to. And then I found BCU. I've tried to use my time at university to home in on my areas of interest. I never expected my interests to shift so dramatically when I embarked on my university journey. I have a huge enthusiasm for television but particular passions for comedy, documentary and media research. I have some very exciting plans surrounding these passions for the near future.

Whilst studying I have continued to build my work experience portfolio. In first year I was involved in a TED talk event, undertaking some running work and operating a static camera. After some technical issues, and the disappearance of the head of the video production team, I was left to head up the editing and 'sort out the mess'. The rather stressful experience paid off in my final year as I was contacted to become director / head of the video production team for next TED talk event. I, along with an amazing crew managed to take the standard of the TED event video production to a great, professional level.

Thank you for taking the time to read my page, please download my CV for contact details!