Dalian Watson

Media & Communication

Personal statement

I am a third year Media and Communication Student at Birmingham City University. I aspire to the work in Television and I see myself becoming a Producer or Writer, working on Documentaries, Dramas and Comedies as these are just a few of the genres that I love to watch. I also see myself working in Film or Radio as I am also very passionate and knowledgable about films and music. Over the last four years I have been able to gain a vast amount of media experience. Prior to studying at university I did an apprenticeship with Big Centre TV (now Birmingham TV), where I able to gain loads of skills and learn a great big deal about different roles within television. Whilst studying at university I have been able to do work placements with The Big Questions, Made in Birmingham TV, Aegon Classic in Birmingham and Switch Radio.

Contact Details
Email: dalianwatson85@gmail.com
Personal Website: https://dalianwatson85.wixsite.com/media