Charmaine Gundu

Charmaine Gundu



Personal statement

A journalist in training, inspired and influenced by diversity and difference.

I am Charmaine Gundu, a 20- year old writer and student and Birmingham City University studying English and Journalism.

I am a passionate writer, who aims to uphold a voice that captivates and informs a variety of audiences. I moved to the UK at the age of 2 with no ability to speak English whatsoever and 18 years later I aim to use the literary and linguistic skills I have mastered to inform the world of what is happening while providing a sense of support and relief to a variety of matters.

During my degree I have exposed myself to a variety of opportunities and experiences which have strengthened me as a writer, a speaker as well as an interviewer. These experiences range from being a guest speaker and panelist on BBC NewsBeat, creating and editing my very own podcast discussing the adaptation to university culture, creating my own business and managing my business as well as my peers businesses social media accounts, down to offering copywriting and proofreading support to my peers and other university colleagues.

Having exposed myself to a variety of facets within the media industry, I have adopted an assortment of skills which have sharpened my creative skills, analytical skills and professional skills. I enhanced these skills by working in various environments that have required me to show different strengths while challenging my weaknesses to bring out my best work or the best attitude towards creating or providing content for the business or company.

Throughout my experiences in the media industry, I have found interest in other industries such as compliance and consultancy. This was obtained through managing and supporting my own business where I learnt the importance of setting a meticulous standard of work through every operation within a business. Without insight into the analytical world of journalism I would not have gained such an interest in this industry and I look to pursue a career in this field as a second option to being a news writer.

I am eager to share my passion with others, keen to show my versatility and attention to detail within news writing to a plethora of people, using the knowledge obtained through my time at university as well as through placement and networking opportunities.

The purpose of my portfolio is to share my content with an international audience gratifying their needs as a reader of my work.

My portfolio illustrates a range of my independent work to the work I have produced during my time of study. I have complied the two works together to show my growth as well as my maturity as a writer and I aim to add more of my work post graduation to appeal to a variety of readers as well as potential employers.

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