charlotte louise hurrell

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hi there! You can read a little on me below or you can go over to my professional website, which has more in-depth details on myself here. ->


Soon to graduate with my degree of Media and Communication, specialising in radio, I aspire to continue creating taboo testing content. Through my studies, I have learned a huge amount of skills from editing audio, scripting commercials and exploring radio documentaries. Through the interest of controversial topics, I have a passion for creating radio documentaries which expose unspoken about topics. These documentaries covering Deep Fake Porn, Drag Kings and Burlesque dancers can be found on my professional website below.
My eagerness and approachability have benefited me greatly in gaining real-world experience in both Bauer and Global radio stations. During these roles, I delved into creating content for on-air as well as organising meetings and calling clients.

You can find my audio content including:

Commercials, breakfast promos, OOBS, and documentaries here-

Up and coming project-

Currently, I am creating an exciting radio documentary surrounding the legal sex zone of the UK in Holbeck, Leeds. This documentary explores the lives of sex workers, opposing opinions and questions the methods we could use to support or regulate the UK sex work.

To follow the process of the project, follow @leedsredlight on Instagram.

Dissertation topic-

For me, writing 12,000 on a single topic, meant I had to choose a subject which I would l continuously learn new things about and it also had to be different to UK radio students usually pick. Typically, radio students in the UK would write dissertations on the BBC or representation of gender in radio. However, I choose to challenge myself and my question surrounds, how deregulation of New Zealand commercial radio has affected the representation of Kiwi culture. The research has been extremely interesting and similarly stimulating.

Take a look at my professional website, you will find my online CV, audio content and methods to contact myself.