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Charlotte Hill

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I'm Charlotte Hill, currently working through my final year at Birmingham City University to graduate with a BA Honours in Media Production. Throughout the three years I have been at University, I was able to change from the Media Communication course to the Media Production course, to aid my passion for practical work. Making the switch was the best decision for me, as I was able to develop any previous skills I had and gain knowledge and practical experience with every project. Media Production has allowed me to develop my skills in a range of roles and responsibilities, but has particularly sparked my interest in floor management and my long term goal of producing.

Alongside my degree, I have also had the opportunity to work with industry professionals from 1185 films and the television industry to Talk Radio and the radio industry. Both industries taught me how fast paced and jam packed the media industry is. However, they both taught me the sense of accomplishment you feel when you successfully complete a project.

Making a vision become a reality is what I enjoy most about media, which is why I have a long term goal of becoming a producer. Seeing your idea succeed, is a feeling like no other. I have a keen interest in documentary making, telling real life stories, as I feel like the raw emotion can truly make a great production. Alongside producing, I have built a passion for floor management, bringing the directors vision to life on a studio floor. Working on reality or entertainment shows as a floor manager, would be my preferred working environment, as I enjoy watching those shows in my personal time. I have created a show reel which displays my best producing and floor managing work, scroll to the top of my website or go to the Youtube link to have a watch!

Please visit my blog, where you can see updates of me working through my final stages of my degree and my plans for the future!

Charlotte x

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