Caitlin Sands

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hi, I’m Caitlin Sands, a third year student studying English Literature and Media Communications at Birmingham City University. During my university experience I have studied broad and varied subject areas such as; journalism, professional media practise, children’s literature, gender, celebrity culture, film, English and psychology and popular music culture all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Whilst studying I have completed two work placements, both of which are in the events industry. The first, at Vue Entertainment as a live events assistant and the second with Liver Damage Ltd as an events manager and social media content creator. Completing these placements allowed me to apply my knowledge and academic skill set to a professional environment and workplace.

To conclude my studies at Birmingham City University I am currently writing my dissertation. My chosen topic area is the representation of masculinity with hip hop culture. This piece of work will summarise all of the skills both in media and English that I have learnt over my three years of learning, researching, analysing and writing. I have chosen the subject of representation and masculinity because these are two of the areas that I have developed a particular interest and passion whilst being at university.

My time at Birmingham City University has enabled me to develop into an academic individual with a great variety of skill sets and knowledge of media industries. I have learnt the real importance and significance the media has within contemporary society as well as being able to develop my writing and analytical skills to a high standard. I have worked predominantly individually but have taken part in many group activities and worked successfully within a group which I enjoy equally and feel that I am ready to transfer my ability, skills and knowledge to a workplace.

Below you will see a slideshow that has quotes from essays that I have written, as well as a quote from my placement testimonial at Liver Damage Ltd. I have created a website to solely showcase some of my work as well as my placement report and testimonial from my time at The Shed working as an events manager so that you can learn more about what I have done and the accompanying response from a manager. I have included a selection of my essays from my second and third year at Birmingham City University, all of which have been graded as upper division, either a high 2:1 or a first. This will hopefully enable you to see the standard of my writing as well as my writing style. Also included is my dissertation proposal to show the thought process behind my research and analysis and I will be sure to upload my full dissertation as soon as it is complete.

I hope you enjoy reading my work, please feel free to contact me or make any enquires via my e mail: Thank you.