Bethany Horton

Bethany Horton

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hi Everyone, welcome to my profile!

For me, my passion is teaching. Particularly over this last year, I pursued this interest and I have been fortunate enough to gain weekly work experience at a local college where I help the students achieve their potential. My motivation and confidence also mean I have secured a place on a post-graduate PGCE course next year; this is the next step for me to become ready to achieve my dream of becoming a film and television lecturer in a further education establishment.

My passion for the media industry began in secondary school when I became involved in my school radio, OA Radio. However, as I pursued this original passion through education, I realised I was becoming more interested in the lessons content and planning aspects than gaining a job in the film and television world itself. I continued to pursue my media passion and improve my media skills and knowledge by enrolling onto a university course however find that now, my ultimate goal is to begin teaching the subject to others.

I am a hardworking, career driven individual who is eager to make a difference in young people’s lives. I have found that teaching is a highly social job, and no two days are the same. Having studied media for the past five years, I am confident in all aspects of media and am self-assured in creating engaging teaching content in the subject area. As I have been awarded multiple ASDAN awards for my work in the youth sector, my experiences with young people have been both rewarding and challenging. Because media is a creative subject, I hope to encourage hands-on experience, peer discussion and self-evaluation.

I would like to become a lecturer in further education establishments specifically as I feel the media specialism is more suited to FE establishments due to demands and expectations of the media courses. My hands-on experience at Sandwell College is teaching me to better understand the role of a tutor and the challenges that come with it; for example, keeping students engaged for lengthy periods.