Bethany Hinton

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hi, I'm Bethany,

I am a highly determined, career minded individual with a wide range of experience with highly transferable skills from working in a variety of different jobs, including large companies such as the BBC. I enjoy working in a demanding environment and relish the opportunity to present new ideas or approach tasks in a different way.

I am currently a third year media and communications student, actively looking for a job in the media sector. Throughout university, I have completed several different modules focusing on different areas of the media, these include PR, journalism, TV, radio, and new media. From this, I have adapted and developed both my skills and knowledge of the media industry. This has also lead me to complete a multi-media final year production project, showcasing the wide breadth of my skills. I am also undertaking my dissertation, which draws upon my theory studies and underpins how the audience of 'Love Island' read meanings of sexuality and sexualisation.

For my final year project, I have set up my own company called 'Helping Hands', an events company who specialise in small UK charities, helping them raise money and gain recognition. During this project I have already assigned two clients and created social media plans, planned and hosted a fundraising event which incorporated both charities raising over £1,400, created two radio podcasts which were broadcasted on Switch Radio, took part in a live interview promoting the fundraiser on BBC Hereford and Worcester, set up different social media platforms for my company as well as a website. Alongside this, I have shown off my professionally by sourcing and recruiting collaborators to help me with aspects of my projects, creating contracts for all involved. I am now working on making promotional videos for each of my clients as well as creating some material around the importance of fundraising for my website. From completing this project, I have further shown how I can juggle my skills and demonstrated my wide range of media knowledge. It has also shown me that I am capable of taking on numerous projects as well as working in high pressured environments.

Check out my slide show featuring photos from my fundraising event alongside previous work I have completed over my time at university.

Click here to see my personal website showcasing my work from university, experience and testimonials from previous employers! (or click on the first website link on the right)