Berenice Charlotte Still

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hi there and welcome to my portfolio homepage. Here, you can access an extended online portfolio, Linkedin, download my CV and links to the social media platforms of the magazine I have founded and ran for the past year, The Millennial Magazine.

I am an individual who over the past three years of my university degree, has gradually worked to establish myself as a serious media professional. Skills I have gained through placements, along with knowledge acquired within my degree have given me the confidence to build up a strong media career and portfolio alongside my studies - preparing me for post-graduation prospects.

I have a variety of scope within the types of media industries I have gained experience within, benefitting me in the sense that I will leave university with a well rounded knowledge, but also much clearer idea of what I am certain I would like to proceed with career wise.

I have work experience with the BBC, OK! Magazine, as a presenter at events/on screen, as a Marketing intern at the lead sponsor company for 'Cowes Week' on the Isle of Wight, leading me to be experienced enough to become the Digital Marketing Manager at a tonic water company recently invested in by Lord Sugar.

Not to mention, in early 2018, I explored my true passions for fashion magazines and creative abilities by launching my own magazine, solely run, co-ordinated and the finished product compiled by myself.

This publication requires many inter-personal skills from myself in order to work successfully; such as creative flair, being highly organised, management skills, networking effectively and practical knowledge of using photoshoot studios and Adobe software.

A year on, I have created, distributed and produced three successfully sold out issues of this magazine, with possible collaborators, companies and creative's actively calling upon me expressing their interest to be involved with the magazine. This has been a product I have been extremely proud to produce, as well as it also being an excellent demonstration of my capabilities professionally but also as a person what I am able to achieve solely by myself. Whilst also being something I have grown from, as I have built on new and existing skills as a result along the way.

Future ambitions lie within the Marketing role I currently am involved with, as I have been offered a post graduate position as Head of Marketing. But, I aim to maintain a state of 'freelance' outside of this role, continuing to explore the TV industry as a presenter, by building up a showreel, writing freelance for other publications, along with hopefully continuing the magazine I have set up.

I am an ambitious and dedicated individual, with an attitude to my career which means that I will constantly relish in new opportunities and love being able to challenge myself. As a media professional, the ability to diversify myself and be versatile with my career, means I will welcome new prospects with an open mind, being always willing to learn, but, also apply my existing knowledge.

Extended professional portfolio link:
(Here you can find a large, extended amount of my work).

I have made a short video to illustrate my hands on, media experiences over late, click here to view:

By checking out the social media links on my profile, you can find the Instagram of The Millennial Magazine. By viewing the 'stories' listed on the profile, you can gain a great insight into the feel of the magazine and it's reviews from customers.