Ben Heath

Ben Heath

Music Industries


Personal statement

Career Progression Plan at Fables Creative

Personal overview
My sociable attitude towards life helped me to obtain my job at Fables Creative. As soon as I moved to Birmingham from Suffolk for University I knew there would be a much wider range of work available to me and I would be able to get a job which I really enjoyed.
I knew that I didn’t want to continue working in bars, but that nightlife was a huge part of my life and something I wanted to be involved in my career. Therefore, I wasted no time in making as many links as possible and contacting clubs and promoters enquiring about any jobs they had going in the promotion/production sector. I then saw an advert from OUSE a night I had not yet been to but heard lots about and the artwork and production for all their events looked amazing. They were looking for promotors and maybe someone to help out in the work shop.
After an interview and a day trial shift Ollie (manager of fables and OUSE) offered me part time work in the work shop with Fables and to be a promoter for the OUSE party at Boxxed. This was after my first couple of weeks moving to Birmingham and I have been working with them ever since. I’m now a full-time worker for Fables Creative and the manager of the OUSE party which we now hold bimonthly in London. Our workshop has also recently moved to London as we are expanding the business.
My most valuable personal attributes include:
• Excellent Communication and networking skills
• Thrives under pressure
• Hands on approach to management
• Fast learner and good at teaching skills to others

10 GCSE’s A-C
D*D*D* Grade in B-TEC Business
Currently in my final year of studying Media Communications, specialising in Events Management.

Employment history
I have an excellent work ethic and have always believed work is an important part of life, I’ve always had a job since the age of 15 when I could work at the local hardware shop in the village. As I got older I started to work behind bars. Then just before University I started a job at Plain English Kitchen Design where I learnt some painting and carpentry skills. This helped me to obtain my job with Fables Creative which has now become my career.
Short term:
• Complete arranging new workshop in most efficient way possible
• Complete 3 new courses: sign writing, graffiti, spray course
• Use networking skills to find new clients to aid expansion of business
• Manage 3 jobs by myself, one in London, one abroad, and one festival build
• Become more confident at using a telehandler on site
• Improve the standard of our finished product using the new equipment in the workshop
Long term:
• Learn to design using CAD and find a replacement for myself as workshop manager so I can be in charge of designing jobs for Fables Creative
• To be a director at Fables Creative

Current skills, knowledge, and experience
Management experience
Carpentry and spray painting
Qualified to use a cherry picker and a telehandler on site
Excellent networking skills

Training and development requirements
Learn to use some sort of CAD (computer aided design) software and learn to be a designer.