Barnabas Babington

Music Industries


Personal statement

Hello, I am Barnabas Babington a highly motivated, reliable and hardworking individual currently studying Media and Communications, specialising in Music Industries at Birmingham City University, in my final year. Throughout my 3 years at University, I have learnt a lot of transferable skills that will be vital for me in the professional world. Transferable skills such as, team work, flexibility, communication and meeting deadlines just to name a few. As well as learning new skills, I also expanded and improved on my media related skills. Before university I was using many Adobe software's and different video editing software's. After 3 years at university I can now use the different software's and programs very confidently and I now believe a lot more in my ability.

From a young age I have had a strong passion for music and the industry. I’ve always wondered how the industry works, how musicians make music. I love the behind the scenes and contractual side of music, as well as the pre-production and production of music. Marketing and promotion is another integral part of a musician as well as branding. While at times I have expanded my skills when it comes to different sectors in the music industry and I now have a greater understanding of how it works. I have ambitions of owning my own artist management company,with, Empire Management, QUALITY CONTROL MUSIC (QC), ROC NATION, BAD BOY RECORDS etc, being some of my inspirations.

For my major project I am going to create my own artist management company. Having worked with many independent artists and DJ’s and seen the progress they have made with my help it left me in no doubt that it is what I want to do full time once I finish university. During my 3 years at university I have networked and connected with a lot of individuals that will be important and useful for me in my professional career. I have connected with fellow creators and even signed musicians allowing me to get my foot in the door (music scene), now it’s my job to expand, build my brand, marketing myself to the right people and grow my own independent company.

Having done a lot of work experience with freelancers and companies in the music industry I have experienced the best of both worlds in terms of structure, roles and responsibilities of working in the music industries. With this experience in mind I now know what to expect once I leave university and embark on the next chapter of my life with my artist management company.

Here is a link to my online portfolio;