Ashley Quilter

Media Production


Personal statement

My name is Ashley Quilter, I am 21 years old and I live in Birmingham. During my 4 years at Birmingham City University, I have honed my skills as a media professional with an ambition to pursue a career in Television Production.

During this time I have focused a large portion of my time on lighting different productions, both in-studio and on location. I chose to do this as it is my career goal to become a Studio Lighting Operator. This has been an aspiration of mine dating back to early secondary school where I would frequently take on the task of lighting certain drama performances. Since joining BCU, I have only become hungrier to make this goal a reality.

Alongside my studies at university, I have taken part in an ongoing work placement with professional wrestling podcast Kickin' Out at Three (KOA3). This podcast is known for its Not Safe For Work (NSFW) takes on the world of professional wrestling. I was tasked with being an on-screen presenter and researcher for the company throughout the duration of my time with them. This hugely boosted my confidence and would look for further opportunities in either role.

My hobbies include Football, Gaming and Professional Wrestling. All of them being industries I would very much like to secure employment within.

Contact details:
Phone number- 07488248476