Ashleigh Chester

Media & Communication

Personal statement

My Name is Ashleigh Chester and I am currently completing my third year of university for my Media and Communication degree. Over the three years, I have completed many projects and gained skills in various areas that I have used to find work within the media industry. Throughout my time I have found one role most appealing to me, this is the television Production Manager.
I have worked on various projects as a Production Manager during my time at university, including the one shown above. I have also taken on other roles such as Floor Manager, Lighting Desk Operator, Camera Operator and Sound Assistant, which give me the skills needed to work and understand the operation of the studio floor and gallery.

Why I love being a Production Manager.
As an organised person I am in my element as a Production Manager. I enjoy completing paperwork to a deadline as I feel it shows off my time management skills. As Production Manager, I am the person all other members come to with any issues or requests and I love being the person who can help them.

Why I am a good Production Manager.
*Leadership, I have undertaken many roles where I have had to lead, such as President of the Musical Theatre society in university, Production Manager in my second and third-year television courses and Event Manager at a local venue in Digbeth. As a Production Manager, I would have to lead a Production team, from the roles listed above I have experience doing so in a professional environment.

*Organisation, as the group member who organises the project this skill is an important one for a Production Manager, I have shown I can organise a show during my time as Production Manager for In The Mix and Spill The Tea. (The two shows from my second and third-year television projects)

*Time Management, I have had to work to strict deadlines throughout my education and scheduled my life around such deadlines, ensuring I reached the deadline usually with days to spare. This skill is useful for television as we would be working towards an air date.

*Communication, I would need to be able to communicate with all members of the Production, this could be around areas such as the budget, schedule or any issues with the crew. From working in customer service jobs I have gained skills in communication and can articulate myself well.

Feedback on My Role as Production Manager
"Ashleigh, you have evidently worked extremely hard on your group’s production folder and have created a range of paperwork that meets a professional level. You worked effectively with all members of your group to ensure they made their own contributions to the folder, well done." (In reference to the Production Folder for In The Mix 2018)

"Your production portfolio is very thorough. Everybody had contributed to it and it was clearly and professionally laid out. Some things liked in particular were the Mood Board, Research, Billings (particularly the medium description which summed up your show), profiles, website mockup and merchandise which were all above and beyond the expected paperwork which was all very comprehensive. Well done on an excellent production folder" (In reference to the Production Folder for Spill The Tea 2019)

My Interests
Outside of Media, I have many hobbies and interests. I am a songwriter, a performer (guitar and vocals mostly), an avid dog walker and a horror fanatic.