Aneekha Mahal

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hey! I'm Aneekha,

I am a final year student currently studying Media and Communication (broad course). This has enabled me to become a versatile individual as I have skills within videography, photography and have worked on projects in PR, events and television. I am a highly focused, passionate and motivated individual, who works well with others and independently. I have also been enjoying working as a social media manager. I have a vast number of skills that I have developed over the years and am keen to gain more hands-on experience. I thrive to work in a creative environment that is stimulating and constantly developing.

Check out my blog to see content I have created over the past few years, along with testimonials and examples of work from my placements!

I am currently producing a half an hour long documentary titled 'A better life? Immigrant stories'. It focuses on three families journeys; India, Cyprus and Jamaica. We learn about their families lives back in the motherland, why they decided to come to Britain, their experience and talk to the second and third generation about feeling British.

I have thoroughly enjoyed studying media over the past seven years and cannot wait to join the industry.
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