Andy Smith

Media & Communication

Personal statement

I am an aspiring music journalist currently writing for two publications and completing my final year of study for an English and Media degree.
Music journalism is my specialist area and interest, but I do also have an interest in news & broadcast journalism, which is something I have enjoyed studying academically throughout university and am currently pursuing with my dissertation that focuses on the extent of how citizen journalism has been incorporated within journalistic practices at The Birmingham Post.

Music is an area I am strongly passionate about and I channel this passion into writing and radio. Hip-hop and heavy metal are the genres I most enjoy and as such write about these often on music site Bloggers Gamut. After writing a couple of reviews for the site and having an amazing experience on an internship at Nuclear Blast records for two weeks, my interest and devotion to music journalism began to flourish and has allowed me opportunities to build up a wide network of working industry contacts as well as working relationships with record labels and PR companies. Ultimately, gaining employment for a respected publication as a music journalist is my career goal.

One aspect of music journalism I cherish is being able to provide coverage for and effectively shine a light on artists that I personally believe deserve wider recognition, which is something I make a habit of with presenting radio shows also. After presenting an hour-long show on Birmingham City University's Scratch Radio station each week for a year, I decided to push this a level further and began presenting on a Birmingham rock and metal online station Rhino Radio. - Examples of Scratch Radio shows can be found at the mixcloud link, and Rhino Radio shows here:

This combination of pursuing music journalism and presenting regular radio shows has given me many opportunities to interview a wide range of musicians, including some of my favourite. As a result of this work, I have become an editor of Bloggers Gamut, and have also become a writer for heavy metal magazine Distorted Sound. - Examples of my work can be seen in the slideshow and found at these addresses: &

Another hobby of mine is screenwriting - I am an avid film fan and after studying avenues of film theory throughout college and university, I have taken this interest a step further by actively practising my hand at writing screenplays.
Although long term I wish to become an employed music journalist, immediately upon graduation I am looking to secure work within the media industry, as I feel my skill-set would serve me well in this industry and it will provide lots of areas for career development, that may lead into music journalism.