Andreea Cristina Mihai

Media & Communication

Personal statement

I am a multilingual (English, Romanian, Spanish) young media professional seeking experience in Public Relations, Branding, Advertising, Promotion, Journalism, Graphic Design, the Fashion industry. I am in my 3rd year of BA Media and Communication at Birmingham City University specialising in Magazine Production, Visual design, Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising, Social Media.

My latest achievements include working as an Intern for London Fashion Week 2019. Besides that I have also worked as an Intern for POP PR in London. I have completed a student exchange experience in Seoul, South Korea where I have gained skills in UI/UX design, Interactive media design, Film and video production, American culture and media, Globalism, Scriptwriting for advertising, Television and Film, Korean Language.

I have also completed the International Summer School at Hanyang University in South Korea where I have developed skills in Korean Media and International Relations in East Asia.

Recent work experiences include roles such as : Online Journalist, Public Relations Assistant, Social Media Manager, International Students Officer.