Alice Ward

Alice Ward

Media & Communication

Personal statement

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” - Zig Ziglar.

Latest Project: a collaborative project to make a short film, ‘Look Out’, as seen above.

Upcoming Project: to publish my own volume of poetry for my Major Project/ Dissertation. In hopes to call it ‘My Room’.

Hello, I’m Alice Ward and I am soon to be a graduate from Birmingham City University with a BA Hons English and Media degree. With my Major Project/ Dissertation centring around Advanced Poetry I think it’s evident I enjoy the art of language and spoken word. How we annunciate, perform and produce language diction and so much more. More simply, I like to present the words written on a page; to be innovative and creative. To showcase my imagination in a sophisticated and “mature” way. Likewise, I am quite the creative. My pastime being sketching, drawing, poetry, amateur photography and, last but not least, writing .

Academically, I have been through the unruly process of journal writing, assignments, critique-ing mine and my peers’ work - and the whole package you would expect with University life. Unexpectedly I grew a passion for the long craft of writing and the process of elimination and editing. This also links to the other half of my degree: Media. The choice and selection of words in marketing online and social media networking. I grew to understand the relationship of syntax, diction, discourse and being an agent of information.

Finding this interest and link, I have taken opportunities to write amateur-like articles for budding students like myself during their final year. From this I took the great opportunity to join a small radio company. I wrote more significant articles, posts and more advertising events, and ‘on-air times’. I then discovered a new found interest in the radio life; the on air experience a welcoming one I would be willing to jump into enthusiastically. Going through the test and understanding certain rules and regulations too.

Regardless, I have experienced a lot of writing-intertwined Media based tasks/jobs. From independent (self-made) companies to lone amateurs. What I certainly aspire to do is gain more experience. To be able to utilise my obsession for organisation, especially in the arrangement and usage of words.

Previously, and additionally, I have taken part in Young Enterprise. Creating a product, it’s own marketing and advertising, selling and being the company. I have taken part in Collaborative Practice work, with a team, to create awareness idea for the lost art of Birmingham. Alongside this team example I have contributed to writing, producing, directing and editing a film called ‘Look Out’. All of this has worked towards the skills I will need in a working environment, of course. From leadership, creativity, teamwork, communication and much more. Most of my work mainly represents my capability to organise myself and other, work well within collaborations and thus can be attached to creating a marketing project, organisation and directing ideas. Communication ideas.

I’m sure as an employee one may see the experiences or interests and make appropriate cross references for an opportunity in a media/ marketing/ social media based field. I welcome you to take a look at attached work and CV.

Thank you for reading,
Alice M. Ward

Follow @thepoetschoice for collaborative and independent poetry pieces, also see attached Instagram photography page @libonatti_photography. Chosen images of collaborative work on a zine, as well my own photography etc.

Contact my personal email for serious enquiries: or call at 07789737913