Alex Grover

Media & Communication


Personal statement

I am currently a 3rd year Birmingham City University student studying a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications. I am interested in filmmaking, Television Production and Creative Advertising. I am originally from Solihull and attended Solihull College where I studied Creative Media Production. I am an avid film fan, my favourite filmmakers being Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese and Guy Richie. As well a film fan, I’m a sneakerhead, an amature photographer, a gamer and a football fan.

In my educational career, I have created short films, television pilots, live television shows, documentaries and advertising promotions for organisations such as Mr Mulligan's Birmingham and Projekt21.

I am looking to get into a career in Film and Television as that is where my true passion lies. I enjoy writing scripts, working with actors, working with film crews and DoPs, and collaborating with talented people to create interesting and thought-provoking projects.

You can contact me via:
Phone: 07854267830