Aimee Walker

Media & Communication

Personal statement

My name is Aimee and I'm a third year student at Birmingham City University studying Media and Communication Studies.

My passion is PR and I particularly enjoy brand management and creating social media content. I have had the opportunity to gain further skill in this field through working with various businesses, from beauty to childcare. I have created content that engages their audiences and increases their social media traffic. I have incorporated my interest in photography into my skills creating social media content and made their social media pages flourish, giving it an edge against similar brands.

As photography is my hobby I also have used this to create further opportunities for myself. For example, I have had the privilege of shooting a wedding and providing them with a series of images to capture the bride's special day. Through university I have shot beauty and fashion images to display my skills as a photographer.

The links below are some of the social media pages I have collaborated with:

Contact Details
Mobile: 07780457736